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Gardens are an important part of people’s daily lives, being so much more than just an extension of your home. With a desire to reconnect with the outdoors, and to express individuality – regardless of your garden’s size or style, we’ve got you covered. From modest balconies to expansive gardens, the future is brimming with landscaping opportunities.

Multi-function areas

If you have a smaller house, why not make the most of your garden’s space? Incorporating dining areas into your outdoor spaces is a practical and stylish design choice. From rustic pizza ovens to built-in barbecues, there are plenty of options to match your garden’s size and style. For dedicated zones like dining areas, consider using different paving materials and designs to reinforce a space’s unique function and aesthetic.

Outdoor offices are another great way of adding utility to your garden. With home working becoming the norm, an outdoor office is an attractive option that is only growing in popularity. As well as providing an uplifting change of scenery for your working environment, outdoor offices can add architectural substance to your garden. Utility paving works well for your garden office’s base, while porcelain paving can create a statement pathway that leads to your office in style.

Brett Landscaping Eclipse Azure Paving
Eclipse Azure
Split-levels and garden sanctuaries

Including different levels is an effective way of adding depth to your garden. Splitting levels in your garden can create new lines of vision that will offer a fresh perspective. Try combining your split-levels with contrasting colours and accessories to emphasise the look.

Zen gardens are a unique and enduring way of bringing yourself closer to nature. Distinctive yet adaptable, they allow for a great deal of creative freedom, with every plant and stone’s placement being an art form in itself. Paving products with natural shades are an ideal pathway choice for your zen garden, creating a sense of journey and discovery. Modern materials such as porcelain paving can also act as a distinguishing border for your zen

garden’s perimeter. Consider devoting a small space of your outdoors for this Japanese-inspired trend, and experiment with muted tones and delicate plants. A perfect choice for those seeking a calming place to meditate.

Brett Landscaping Elegante Quartz Greige & Eclipse Cosmic & Coastal Walling Sea Mist
Elegante Quartz Greige & Eclipse Cosmic & Coastal Walling Sea Mist
Eco-friendly choices and sensory gardens

With a growing appreciation of all things natural, designing gardens that stimulate our senses is on the rise. Scented plants, vibrant petals, edible herbs and textured stone are all great additions that will help connect you to nature. Sensory gardens are easy to create and are known to boost your wellbeing. Whether you have a spacious garden or a small balcony, you can create a tranquil space built for reflection.

This sensory trend follows an ever-increasing environmental awareness, with an emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendly choices. Growing your own vegetables can help you cultivate a garden sanctuary that is kind to you, and to nature. You can even encourage more wildlife to take residence by introducing sheltering shrubs and hedges.

If you’re short on space, raised beds are a great low-maintenance option; they can help protect your plants and make them easier to tend. For a relaxed look, consider introducing plants that clamber over walls, enhancing your garden’s sense of space.

Rustic gardens are packed with charm, offering your outdoor space an informal and creative experience. When it comes to landscaping, make use of natural-looking materials like wood-effect porcelain for an authentic feel. Hanging baskets overflowing with colourful flowers will reinforce the rustic picture nicely, while terracotta pots brimming with herbs can add a Mediterranean influence.

For an entirely different type of rural look, a cosy cottage garden with arching greenery and romantic plants is a great option for smaller gardens.

Brett Landscaping Canterbury Slate Grey & Vintage Kerb Charcoal
Canterbury Slate Grey & Vintage Kerb Charcoal
Rustic retreats

Cobbled paving and curving paths are solid choices for this vintage and traditional design choice, which promises a timeless look. At Brett, we can help transform your outdoor space to a place that you can cherish and enjoy for years to come. With the help of a Brett Approved Installer you can achieve your unique garden vision.

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