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In the UK market today, Porcelain Paving has grown hugely popular and is being utilised to create timeless outdoor living spaces. Not only is our porcelain available in a wide range of elegant styles and aesthetics but they’re manufactured to the highest standards and come with the added benefit of installation ease, making them so desirable to contractors & homeowners.

With this trend dominant in the industry, The Brett Approved Installer Awards incorporated an Award for ‘Best Porcelain Installation’ which received an overwhelming amount of high-quality, stunning installations from our Brett Approved Installers.

The winner of this incredible Award this year goes to Paramount Paving! John McGinlay of Paramount Paving has been a BAI for over 13 years and has been installing driveways and patios for over 30 years in the area of Kent. When awarded Best Porcelain Installation, John McGinlay said

“It’s a good addition to my portfolio of awards, I use Brett porcelain because I like the products & their affordabilty. I also like the people that work for Brett & have a good working relationship with them”.

Having used the Elegante Timber Porcelain range multiple times, it’s now become Paramount Paving’s favourite porcelain product to install despite some initial hesitance

“Before I saw the product, if you’d have suggested artificial timber looking product I wouldn’t have been interested in laying it or recommending it, but after laying it the first time I was surprised how nice it was and I’ve liked it ever since” – John McGinlay, Paramount Paving.
Elegante Timber Vintage Oak & Eclipse Porcelain Lunar – Installed by Daniel Windsor Landscapes

The Runner up for the Best Porcelain installation award goes to Taylor-made Landscapes for his stunning patio installation using GeoCeramica® Fiordi in Sand. Jon Taylor of Taylor-made Landscapes is a huge advocate of the GeoCeramica® porcelain paving range and has this to say

“I only use Brett products, I do a lot of GeoCeramica® installations as I love the product, it’s got many different ranges you can use and it’s quicker and easy to install”.

Taylor-made Landscapes have been a Brett Approved Installer for just over 2 and a half years and are a small family business. Jon is continuously on the job and enjoys all aspects of his work, from managing the business, providing quotes to undergoing installations. When informed of the Award they received, Jon Taylor had this to say

“It’s amazing, I was shocked. Last year I won Outstanding Portfolio and it made me open my eyes. It’s a nice award to have, which made me want to win more and keep pushing Brett product”.

We’d like to say a huge congratulations to both Paramount Paving & Taylor-made Landscapes for their achievements, both installations show great craftsmanship and are executed beautifully.

The Brett porcelain ranges consist of GeoCeramica®, Eden, Elegante & Eclipse. Brett Porcelain is precision-cut after processing to ensure the finest tolerances and have proven low potential for slip when tested against UK standards.

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