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When it comes to renovating outdoor spaces, choosing the right installers is crucial. A garden redesign can often be a long process, with many questions arising for even the most seasoned gardener/DIY enthusiast. We recently spoke with a homeowner who shared their fantastic experience working with a Brett Approved Installer and the processes they took in collaborating with them to find the perfect products for their garden.

Here’s what they had to say about their journey:

“What were the most important criteria for choosing an appropriate installer when renovating your outdoor space?”

“Trust was key for me.

“I needed to feel confident that the job would be done well. Knowing the installer was accredited gave me faith in their ability to carry out the installation to a high standard. It assured me that I wouldn’t have to worry about the quality of their work and that no issues would arise down the line because the product was installed properly.”

“Did you know in the initial meeting between you and your chosen installer that the installer was part of the Brett Approved Installer team?”

“Yes, I did.”

“Why did you pick Brett and the specific paving range you used? Did your installer help with product options and recommendations? Did they direct you to the Brett website? Were you given samples?”

“I was familiar with how high-quality our porcelain paving ranges are. It was the safest option regarding product longevity, but I was also spoilt for choice! It was tough to choose because I liked several options for my home. I wanted a natural-looking tile, and after seeing photos and physical samples, I loved the simplistic texture and the subtle colour variations, which are great for disguising muddy paw prints.”

“Your project won an award at our Brett Approved Installer Awards last year. How does that make you feel?”

“I was thrilled for the installer.

They worked incredibly hard and designed the space better than we could have imagined. The award was well deserved.”

“What do you love most about your new garden?”

“I love the product mix. We have porcelain for the patio and Aura block paving for the borders and pathways. This combination makes the garden look more premium and visually interesting. The unique design and deep raised beds allow us to add lots of colourful plants, safely out of reach of our dog’s ‘zoomies’!”

“Using a Brett Approved Installer and Brett Paving, you now have a 5-year Installation Guarantee from your installer and a 10-year Product Guarantee from Brett. Does this give you peace of mind regarding your installation and aftercare?”

“Absolutely. That was one of the main reasons I chose a Brett Approved Installer. It gives me peace of mind for the future.”

“What advice would you give someone looking to renovate their garden or driveway?”

“Landscaping your garden is an investment, so choosing someone reliable is important. I’d always go for an accredited installer from a reputable scheme because there are too many horror stories about people being ripped off by inexperienced ‘cowboy’ installers. Also, discuss your design thoroughly with your installer before starting. Seeing the potential for your space is really exciting!”

“Would you recommend the Brett Approved Installer scheme to others?”


“Thank you.”

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Brett Approved Installer: Essex Elite Paving
Products and colour: Eden Limestone Porcelain Mink and Aura Block Paving Bronze Fleck

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