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Adding value to a property can be a very helpful way of making a home look much more appealing, particularly if you are hoping to sell the property. Similarly, many choose to make improvements to their home for their own benefit. One of the most effective ways of improving the appearance of a property is to redevelop the driveway.

The kerb appeal of a home can have a huge impact, both on the homeowners with a welcoming view every time they come home, as well as prospective buyers or visitors. As a driveway is typically the first thing visitors will see, it may be beneficial to redevelop the area and refresh its appearance.

Redeveloping your driveway

A driveway isn’t just a place for your vehicle; it can complete the look of your household too. We have a range of driveway paving products to help redevelop the area, combining attractive aesthetics with practicality for the best entrance to your home.

In particular, our Invicta block paving is a premium solution to stand the test of time. Its specially formulated surface layer, AggTech, is developed to deliver high performance without compromising on style. Incredibly hard wearing, the paving is created with more cement, a higher pigment content for richer and defined tones, and natural aggregates. It has a stunning finish with a hint of sparkle, available in four colours to suit a variety of projects.

You may also wish to consider porcelain paving for your driveway, offering a stylish and modern appearance to the entrance of your home. Our GeoCeramica® Bluestone and GeoCeramica® Fiordi products have been created in a 60mm thickness, ideal for driveway application. These porcelain paving options harness the beauty of natural stone, resulting in a premium finish that will last. Our porcelain paving is also resistant to frost and scratches, as well as resistant to tyre markings and oil stains.

Sustainable paving to avoid flooding

Pooling water or flooding around your property certainly isn’t ideal and could eventually cause damage. You can prevent this by choosing the right driveway paving.

We have a range of sustainable permeable paving, designed to prevent flooding. Alpha Flow, Lugano Flow and Omega Flow are all paving products designed to allow surface water to drain between the blocks. Allowing you to integrate a sustainable design into your driveway without sacrificing on its appearance, our Flow range has a unique nib design.

The nib design provides a 6mm space between the blocks, allowing surface water to infiltrate through the aggregate filled joint, back into the designed sub-base. The nib performs both structurally and hydraulically, providing a strong interlock between the blocks. This means that if slow moving heavy good vehicles break or turn on the pavement, the interlock ensures the blocks lock against each other to retain integrity of the pavement surface. A similar effect happens when the steering wheel of a large car with power steering is turned, either when moving slowly or stationary.

Finishing touches for your driveway

When designing your driveway, don’t forget about the finishing touches such as kerbs. Kerbs can create an essential border for the driveway, and we have a great range of styles to choose from to complement your driveway paving.

Designed to integrate effortlessly with our paving ranges, our kerbs are available in both low and high profiles to create the desired look. For instance, our high kerb is perfect for differentiating between the driveway and your front door, offering a prominent edge detail.

Our drivestyle kerb and Omega kerb are both great choices for borders or boundaries, offering excellent value and available in popular colours.

Discover more inspiration for adding value to your property through redeveloping your driveway and take a look at our driveway paving today.

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