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Designing your outdoor space can help to create the perfect finishing touch to your property, whatever style of garden you choose. Any garden, big or small, ensures you have a peaceful area to relax and enjoy, but it’s important that you find the right products and style that will stand the test of time, both in their style and quality. At Brett Landscaping, we have a number of paving designs that can help you create a garden with longevity and charm.

If you’re thinking of renovating your garden, there can be a lot to consider. Some of the best landscaping designs are those that not only fulfil their purpose but also offer something that won’t age or begin to look out of date. Porcelain paving in particular can offer a wealth of benefits to any garden space, with a number of features that make it a popular choice for many homeowners.

Why choose porcelain for your next project?

Porcelain paving is incredibly elegant yet durable, two qualities that work together perfectly for any style of garden. We have an extensive range of porcelain to choose from, in a variety of colours and finishes, so you can achieve the right desired look for both traditional and contemporary gardens.

What’s more, its strong and practical surface has a high tolerance to water and as such is more resistant to weathering than other paving choices. Porcelain is unaffected by direct sunlight and is slip-resistant, so come rain or shine you can enjoy your outdoor space as you please. Porcelain paving slabs are typically low-maintenance, even in areas of higher foot traffic.

This durability of porcelain makes it a favourite for those who are looking for something that will offer a long-lasting appearance that will still look impressive years from now.

Timeless style

We have four ranges of porcelain paving, including GeoCeramica®, Eden, Elegante and Eclipse. Each collection has been manufactured to the highest standards, and offers timeless aesthetics that simply won’t go out of style. Replicating the hues and variations of natural stone, timber and slate, porcelain paving has something for every project.

Our porcelain paving is incredibly versatile, and can be easily accessorised and complemented with the rest of the garden design.

A garden that’s guaranteed to last

Our Brett Approved Installer Scheme gives you access to support and guidance with planning, designs and products.  Our approved installers are able show you photos of recent and similar work to help you understand what to expect, and give you a full quotation for the work.

Our Installer Scheme means that we’re able to provide the latest product developments to ensure your upcoming garden renovation is a success. What’s more, we can give a 10-year product guarantee and a 5-year installation guarantee for your new paving.

To find out more about our materials and guidance, get in touch today.

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