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Your driveway isn’t just a practical place to park your car, it also forms part of the entrance to your home. As such, it’s important that your drive is inviting and stylish, as it can add to the kerb appeal of your property. Combining functionality with style, your drive can complement the aesthetics of your home and improve its exterior appearance, which can make all the difference every time you come home.

If you’re considering updating your driveway paving, there are a number of aspects you should think about carefully including the material, colour and finishing options.

Types of Driveway Paving. Concrete block paving, Porcelain paving or Permeable paving?

At Brett Landscaping, our driveway paving range is designed to help your home make an entrance. There are three main types of paving that are a particularly great choice for your drive, which include porcelain paving, concrete block paving and permeable paving.

Concrete block paving for driveways is a staple choice and has been incredibly popular for years. Concrete is often the go-to surface choice, as it is inherently strong and durable for high traffic areas. It has also come a long way in its design and style, with a great choice of colours and textures to suit your home. We have a great choice of concrete paving styles, so you’re bound to find one that you love.

Porcelain paving is a contemporary option for your driveway, with an elegant and smart appearance that brings both strength and beauty to your outdoor space. All of our porcelain paving is inspired by natural stone, so you no longer have to compromise on style or performance. Our GeoCeramica® Fiordi and Bluestone paving are both ideal for drives in a 60mm thickness, and are scratch-resistant and resistant to tyre markings.

Another popular option for driveways is permeable paving, which helps to provide a sustainable water drainage system to protect your drive and property from flooding or pooling water. Permeable paving allows water to soak though its surface and be released back into the ground. This makes for a perfect solution for those who live in a high-risk flooding area.

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GeoCeramica Bluestone Gris Claro and Beta Silver Haze

Block Paved Driveways Colour and Texture Options

The choice of colour and texture of your driveway can have a big impact on your home’s appearance. Firstly, consider whether you’d like your driveway to match or contrast your home’s aesthetics, or even a combination of different styles to create a unique entrance to your property. Use our Inspiration page to discover some of the creations our Approved Installers have achieved for driveway entrances.

Choosing the colour of your driveway paving is your next challenge, especially with the great choice Brett Landscaping offer. From natural, rustic shades of sand, bronze and oak, to modern hues of silver, charcoal and pearl, you’ll be sure to find a colour that suits the existing exterior of your property perfectly.

The texture of your driveway paving can help to create the finished effect you’re looking for. A textured surface can help with slip-resistance, as well as providing a beautiful visual impact, such as our Invicta Block Paving, designed with an eye-catching sparkle. From contemporary blocks to traditional cobbled paving such as our Aura & Regatta block paving, we have a vast choice to help you find the right fit for your household.

driveway paving ideas | Aura Silver Fleck | Block Paving | Cobbled pavers | driveway paving | grey blocks | Brett aura |
Aura Block Paving Silver Fleck

Working together with your Brett Approved Installer, they can help you make the right decision on colour and style.

Is Block Paving Durable?

One of the most important features of your driveway is that the paving is durable. Driveways can be subject to high traffic, both from pedestrians and vehicles, and you’ll no doubt want the paving to look great for years to come.

Consider the durability features of your paving, such as stain-resistance from vehicle oil and tyre marks, as well as easy to maintain surfaces that can be kept in a clean condition all year round, even in bad weather.

Our driveway paving solutions are incredibly strong and durable, with the optimum choice of thicknesses for the right application, including 60mm which is the minimum requirement for vehicular trafficked areas.

Block Paving Front Door Steps and Edgings

When planning your new driveway, don’t forget about the features that finish off the overall look. Edging and kerbs can enhance the overall design, but they are often left until last. These features can help to define the areas of your front garden, as well as creating steps or level changes as well as borders.

For instance, our High Kerb has smooth and clean lines to create a prominent step, giving you the chance to differentiate between your driveway and your front door. We also offer mobility kerbs to help those who have mobility issues.

Invicta Flow Permeable Paving | Granite Block Paving | Driveway ideas | Driveway inspiration | Driveway Paving | Granite Pavers | Grey block paving
Invicta Flow Onyx, Moonstone, Pearl & High Kerb Charcoal

Paving Channels for Water Drainage

For areas that need a solution for draining water, channels are an aesthetically pleasing way to achieve it. Our Dished Channel can help to create the right channel to drain away water and direct water flow to soakaways within your property boundaries, in accordance with government legislation.

These channels can be designed to blend in effortlessly with your paving, with corners available to offer a seamless appearance.

By using a Brett Approved Installer, you can remove any uncertainty with government legislations. Your installer will take care to ensure all guidelines are met. Find an installer near you.

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